Cinderella on Broadway

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Cinderella on Broadway stays somewhat close to the original fairly tale that You remember from childhood. But since this is Broadway and it is New York, there are some twist in the historic tale.

The names are the same, Ella is the striking beauty that becomes Cinderella, the mean stepmother is Madame and the two daughters that will compete with Ella for the Slipper are Charlotte and Gabrielle. In this version Ella relies on happiness from Her animal friends that live in nearby woods. The twist in the story that isn't in the original version is Prince Topher is struggling with His identity. The rest of the story is similar to the original, there is a ball and the Prince is trying to find the perfect bride. 

Cinderella on Broadway is staged and presented by Rodgers & Hammerstein’s. So far critics are raving over this musical. What many have said is how impressive the musical score is. Many songs from this musical are a hit on their own. Another aspect of this musical that was mentioned by many was the costume changes. If You have seen a broadway show, You probably have noticed that costume changes are a major part of the show but in Cinderella they take on a more important role. The way the show is written the costume changes must be done in seconds and You will swear some performers must have a twin when You blink Your eyes and They appear in a different costume.

The story is safe for all ages, but keep in mind that Cinderella is 2 1/2 hours long, so some of the younger ones may get restless.

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