College Football Week One 2013

College Football Week One 2013 showed Us a few things, Upsets do not wait, they come at any week in the season. Oregon State and Kansas State both found out You cannot overlook even Your weakest opponent.

Did Clemson and Georgia look like they were playing on fast forward? They looked as if though they were twice as fast as any other teams in the Nation. The game was suppose to be close and it was but the speed was a little bit of a surprise, coming from both teams. You will see a lot of teams try to slow Clemson down by faking injuries, otherwise You will be blown out before You know what hit You.

What did We learn about South Carolina? We learned that They are fat and out of shape. North Carolina was in a hurry up offense the whole game and South Carolina had their hands on their hips and were gasping for air. Look for teams on the Gamecocks schedule to speed up their offense to exploit the conditioning of the defensive line.

Week two promises to have some great games look for these to be among the best:

Florida Gators Vs Miami Hurricanes

South Carolina Gamecocks vs Georgia Bulldogs

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