PBR Events

PBR Events get bigger and bigger every year. When most sports are getting smaller these events are holding their own or even getting larger. Every walk of life can be seen at a PBR Event. A whole lot of girls are now in the rodeo sport and follow the PBR.

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The PBR makes three stops in Las Vegas in 2013, May, October and December. Visit our sister site for all of those events. click on link below.

PBR Las Vegas events and finals Tickets

The PBR isn't like the small town rodeos but its still the type of People that You will see at either. The PBR is an Entertainment event that dwarfs some big name concerts. Pyrotechnics, pulsating music and special effects open each event, and each features the top 30 riders in the world at the time (plus 10 alternates). The season culminates in Las Vegas, where the PBR World Finals are held. The Las Vegas Event is a week long party and there is no better place to party than Sin City.

Riders are from all over the World and the Sport has reached an audience of over 100 million per year. Most People that have attended a PBR Event have returned for more. It is rare that You don't get caught up in the excitement.

The goal of the rider is to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. Once there are riders that have achieved the 8 seconds, They are judged on style during that 8 seconds.

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